BUDDHA KECAPI USADHA Rp. 650,000 (30 mnt)
Buddha Kecapi means, “Inner light healing inspired by love”.
An intuitive healing treatments in which Master Ketut Arsana combine energy balancing, with therapeutic massage, cakra healing and as a final touch, prana will chanelling to harmonize energy within. He performs a body scan, intuitively discovering specific areas that need attentions.

In specific client conditions, bellow treatments may occur in this session Meditation and Spiritual Consultation, Acupuncture,Acupressure, Medical Preparations (Bali Usada), Reflexology, Cupping, Energy Balancing, Chakra Healing and Chiropractic Manipulation.

SOMA USADHA Rp. 850,000 (120 mnt)
An intensive healing treatment, Buddha Kecapi Usadha by Master Ketut Arsana, then followed with Lymphatic herbal scrub to treat various condition. Included too is a special herbal tonic made from turmeric, betel leaves, galangal and other secret ingredients for energy balance, infections of internal organs and other issues.

LYMPATIC BOREH (Rp. 375,000 (90 mnt)
Our signature lymphatic healing technique consists of a relaxing massage followed by a medicinal herbal scrub that was especially formulated for the lymphatic system by Ketut Arsana. The herbal scrub is rubbed all over the skin until a sensation of pins and needles along with slight heat is felt on the body – eliminating the toxins.
Note: This treatment may have side effects, which can vary depending on each individual and the conditions of your lymphatic system. Check with the Mahatma therapist about any concerns you have.